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Prasad Ranasinghe
Founder / CEO


Prasad Ranasinghe is one of the most sort after music video producers in the country today, has produced 55+ music videos for different music genres for many musicians all around the world, the creative video sense of Prasad has made him win many music video awards in the past 3 years and has grown to have one of the most cutting edge , Hi Tech facilities for music video or for that matter video production in Sri Lanka.

Starting his career as animator learned the basics by himself a self taught professional as some of the world’s greatest creative individuals, Prasad moved on to open up his own production house making the best videos of the past years.

Prasad has earned a name for himself in the market for distinguished quality and exceptional creativity that his creations have exhibited. Prasad has established his stand in the market and the larger share for him, the guarantee of an amusing visual is guaranteed with Prasad’s work. Prasad has the capacity to work on High Tech Movies, animated visuals irrespective of the length. As Dream Effects moves into large scale movie production the diversely talented team will be lead directed and guided by Prasad.

Prasad has worked his magic on the screen to bring excitement and to pout that smile on to the faces of many.

Udari Perera Ranasinghe
Managing Director


Udari is an established model and has been the brand ambassador for two premium brands, Sri Lankan Airlines and Dialog Telecom., and is known for perfection in communicating and visualising brand value to the target audience and the market. Udari steps in with her experience and exposure to the Sri Lankan market and corporate branding in different sectors, which adds value to the end product delivered by DFX.

Udari now holds the position of Managing Director at Dream Effects Motion Pictures and continues to pursue her passion.